Posted: 2020-06-04 14:36:46
A new security law in Hong Kong is bad, but Trump's revocation of Hong Kong’s special trade status could make matters even worse.
Posted: 2020-06-04 14:30:33
John Wooden's teachings still serve as a blueprint for coaches today. Several coaches of major teams in Southern California share their thoughts on Wooden.
Posted: 2020-06-04 14:28:42
Stocks are mixed in early trading on Wall Street as the market takes a pause following its longest winning streak in nearly four months.
Posted: 2020-06-04 14:27:05
Protests have erupted across San Diego County amid nationwide anger at the killing of George Floyd. La Mesa has had no protests since Saturday.
Posted: 2020-06-04 14:14:35
In the protest movement surrounding George Floyd’s death, a span of time has turned into an important symbol: 8 minutes, 46 seconds.